Sonic Screwdriver

Jene Hunt

Life on Mars versus Doctor Who

It’s a wibbly wobbly period for us… Moving to a new home, lot of work, no internet connection for nearly a month and the hottest summer I can remember… I really hope to go back to normality as soon as …

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The Secret Weapon

In the past weeks we saw how much Simmy is missing his Limeykins and now it’s time to revenge… well, sort of… Take a look 😀

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The Adipose Revenge – Part 2

Poor little Adiposes, so soft and so tender, but now it’s time for revenge! The Doctors will not sleep soundly anymore. When the Adiposes appeared for the first time, Tenny discovered what happen if you fire two screwdrivers aimed one …

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Being The Tenth

Now, the question of the hour is: What happens today? What make this day so special? Ok ok! You all know what I’m talking about! Today is the 40th birthday of David Tennant, one of the best Doctor we ever …

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The Big Button

It’s the time for a new weekly strip! This time we are focusing on one of the Doctor’s companions (the most clever one in my humble opinion :D) The Doctors will face an impossible choice! This is going to be …

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