Bananas Are Good

The first question. The oldest question in the Universe. The question that must never be answered. Hidden in plain sight. The question you’re running from all of your life: “Why bananas?” Rose will try to answer… check it out!

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Valentine’s Outtake

Today, with the new Comic Who Confidential, we go behind the scenes. Infact, not all strips are good at the first ciak, there is always someone who wants a little fun and in the end everyone laughs and the work …

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Chez Doctor

We know that the Doctor is great at cooking… well, sometimes… I really can’t imagine how weird must be fish fingers and custard but, hey, have you ever imagined what they eat on Gallifrey? The companions will find it out …

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Too Much Young – Part 2

We left Yana into the TARDIS after his “failed” regeneration! What will happen to him now? And the Doctors? How will they react to this “new entry”? I think this is one of the cutest strips ever. Elisa has done …

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

We wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. Today’s strip take inspiration from this frame. I think this time Smithy is going to face the death like never before… ^_^ This friday we’ll be on a trip to London to attend …

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Regeneration - Part 1

Regeneration – Part 1

Well, the right quote was: “I might have two heads! Or no head! Imagine me with no head – and don’t say that’s an improvement.” but I though that two heads are more funny 😀

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