This has probably been the longest hiatus this page has ever had, but lately every post starts with something like this, so I won’t bother anymore noticing.
Anyway here we are with a new strip, and I like the fact it’s monday… a Comic Who Monday like the old times 😀

We receive a lot of questions about our comic, especially about the outfit we chose for our little Doctors, something like “Why Smithy always wears the blue bow tie?”
Those questions are my favourites because as a writer I can create whole stories from a single detail.

Today we will address one of the most recurring: “Why Tenny wears red shoes with the brown suit?” Believe it or not we receive this question everytime we post a strip with Tenny in it, so we can’t ignore it anymore… We’re also pleased to introduce a new character, please welcome Twinny, aka Tenny’s twin or, if you prefere his full name The Meta-Crisis Human Version of Tenny Stuck in a Parallel Universe… Twinny is easier!!!

Please enjoy and, we promise, the second part of this strip will come in a matter of days 🙂

Sandshoes - Part 2