Awesome People

[featured] We recently held a giveaway to celebrate 200k followers on our Facebook Page. We invited our followers to send us a pictures of themselves with our comic. It was so heartwarming to see how many people joined and it …

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GIVEAWAY: 200k Facebook Followers

[featured] It looks incredible, but we’ve actually reached an important milestone. Our Facebook page can count on more than 200k supporters. We can’t tell how much this is important to us because our tiny little comic it’s like a son …

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Bad Feelings

A few months ago I asked on our Facebook Page what kind of subject they would like to see covered on our strips. A lot of fan asked us to introduce the character of Jenny (10th Doctor’s daughter). It was …

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Jene Hunt

Life on Mars versus Doctor Who

It’s a wibbly wobbly period for us… Moving to a new home, lot of work, no internet connection for nearly a month and the hottest summer I can remember… I really hope to go back to normality as soon as …

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Looking for Answers

Last week we celebrated the winner of our contest Jonathan Hodges with his The 12th Doctor, instead this week we have realized the strip for the Fan Choice Award. Our friends on Facebook voted for their favorite script and here …

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The Truth Behind Limeykins

[featured] Hi ComicWhovians! The today’s post is meant for a different reason, I want to tell about a little and extremely cute and green Teddy Bear which is becoming our mascotte! In the recent strips we introduced a little bear …

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