Simmy’s Prank

It’s always a great laugh on the Comic Who set, but sometimes our little friends exceed the limits and for the poor Simmy this means troubles! This is what happened while shooting “The Sound of Drums“

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Banana In The Pocket

This is our first strip of 2012 and it’s also a collaboration with one of our followers: Nicole Bowman! If you liked this strip, show her your appreciation and if you have a story you want it to become a …

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Valentine’s Outtake

Today, with the new Comic Who Confidential, we go behind the scenes. Infact, not all strips are good at the first ciak, there is always someone who wants a little fun and in the end everyone laughs and the work …

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The Big Button

It’s the time for a new weekly strip! This time we are focusing on one of the Doctor’s companions (the most clever one in my humble opinion :D) The Doctors will face an impossible choice! This is going to be …

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Regeneration - Part 1

Regeneration – Part 1

Well, the right quote was: “I might have two heads! Or no head! Imagine me with no head – and don’t say that’s an improvement.” but I though that two heads are more funny 😀

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