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Rory The Roman

You know, the Doctor Who main character is no longer the Doctor himself. A new rising star has overshadowed him… I’m a male, but I love him with both my hearts, just one quote: “Would you like me to repeat …

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Jene Hunt

Life on Mars versus Doctor Who

It’s a wibbly wobbly period for us… Moving to a new home, lot of work, no internet connection for nearly a month and the hottest summer I can remember… I really hope to go back to normality as soon as …

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The Truth Behind Limeykins

[featured] Hi ComicWhovians! The today’s post is meant for a different reason, I want to tell about a little and extremely cute and green Teddy Bear which is becoming our mascotte! In the recent strips we introduced a little bear …

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Review: Doctor Who Experience

[featured] As I promised, this is my own personal shiny flashy review of the Doctor Who Experience. WARNING! If you are planning to go there and attend to the Experience, remember the words of River Song: SPOILERS! This review is …

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Vita da Illustratore

A New Journey

These days we are looking again at the episodes of the first season of Doctor Who and we started to imagine how Tennant and Smith would behave to review the deeds of Eccleston. This is what it came out and …

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