As I promised, this is my own personal shiny flashy review of the Doctor Who Experience. WARNING! If you are planning to go there and attend to the Experience, remember the words of River Song: SPOILERS! This review is full of juicy spoilers. The walk-through experience is photo-free, so, if you are not enough brave to go on and read, jump to the gallery and join our trip.
Ehi, you are still reading… are you sure? This is my last warn!!
Doctor Who Experience Well, here we are. Where do we want to start? First of all, you have to know that I’m Italian (be patient with my poor English) and I planned a trip to London with my girlfriend Elisa (the amazing illustrator behind the Comic Who strips) just to attend to this event. I’ve bought two preview tickets the very same day they start the pre-sale.
The event is divided in two parts, a walk-through experience and a museum. I’m not going to talk about the exibition part, I think the photos at the end of this post are just enough. What I want to share with you is the walk-through.

Spoiler Inside: The Experience SelectShow

I think it’s a must for every whovian… As you can see in the gallery, there is a lot of staff to watch, to feel, to live… You can also step into the 10th TARDIS, there is a big screen on it which reproduce the scene of the regeneration… so sad! Just one thing… don’t count on the Who Shop… it’s a bit disappointing.

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