Uhm, ok, I’m posting a strip… a new strip… I don’t remember how to do it anymore… how long since the last one? 4 months? Great Scott, this is a new personal record!

Anyway, here we are, we still do strips, are you happy? Jokes apart, we’re actually overwhelmed by our jobs commitments and the times when we were able to post strips once a week are completely over and won’t ever be back, but we’ll try to release them more often.

Now, I’m sure the first question we’ll receive is: where is Cappy? We’ve answered this question so often in the last few months that I’m quite bored, anyway, for the last time, we won’t include him until the next series airs so that we can see how he behave on screen 🙂

Oh, and if you’re still wondering if we’ll remove Eccly from the group, the answer is NO! It was an April fools! 😉

A New Flatmate