It’s time to do something new! We had a lot of requests to introduce some old characters like classic Doctors and/or classic enemies, but it’s actually very hard to do this with “our” timeline! Hey, but we have a character who was sent back in the Seventies for a few strips! Yes, we are talking about Simmy and his time leap occurred in this strip. Oh well, we know that our Eccly, Tenny and Smithy came back to “rescue” him on last year Christmas Special, but what happened in the meantime? The Doctors came back for him more than 1 year after Simmy’s arrival, so we don’t know how many adventures he lived with baby Yana and his new friends (yes, he is going to meet some new “unexpected” friends) but I’m sure we are going to find it out!
With great proud let me to introduce you the “Simmy’s Tales“: Our new series of strips which starts with a three part story, we really hope you will enjoy it!

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Part 2