• Who’s that guy?

    The first teaser of series 8 is online and the excitement for the return of the Doctor this August is rising all over the world. We thought it was a good idea to remember where we were left… Of course in Comic Who style! Awesome... Read more

  • Awesome People

    We recently held a giveaway to celebrate 200k followers on our Facebook Page. We invited our followers to send us a pictures of themselves with our comic. It was so heartwarming to see how many people joined and it was probably the first time we realized how much this comic is loved by so Read... Read more

  • GIVEAWAY: 200k Facebook Followers

    It looks incredible, but we’ve actually reached an important milestone. Our Facebook page can count on more than 200k supporters. We can’t tell how much this is important to us because our tiny little comic it’s like a son and watching it growing and being loved by so many people... Read more

  • Hello Shoppers!

    If you’ve been lucky enough to visit the Doctor Who Experience, you know what the title of this post refers to. By the way, during all these years we’ve been asked several times to sell Comic Who gadgets. We made t-shirts, clay dolls and many more stuff, but mainly as prizes for... Read more

  • We’re not dead… We regenerated!

    There’s no better way than a giant image of Smithy regenerating to tell the world we’re back For those who missed this lovely peace of history of our website, I’ll include it in the Spoiler block below.   That’s it! But we’re still here and (please, allow me... Read more

  • Doctor Who Convention

    CARDIFF – If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you have already seen a lot of pictures and message from our latest adventure. We were invited to attend to the official Doctor Who Convention and this is going to be the report of that amazing week-end. As you may know, I’m a... Read more

  • Meet a Silurian

    I’m writing the report from the DW Convention but there’s something happened at the convention that cannot be written in an article. You need to see it because it was one of the funniest moment for Elisa and one of the most scaring for me! No, really, have you ever been threatened by a... Read more

  • Smithy

    This year Script Contest will feature a really special award for the winner. Our great friend Chiara Cavalli has made another clay figurine for us, ths time she recreated our lovely Smithy, who is also the protagonist of the contest. This time we’ve probably exagerated and asked Chiara to... Read more

  • Christmas Contest 2011: Prizes

    The followings are the sketches Elisa made as rewards for our Christmas contest (the subject for the skecthes were chosen by the winners)! We waited for a while before post them here because we wanted to be sure the winners received the originals, but now it’s time to share! Hope you like... Read more

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